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Borderlands 3: Free on the Epic Games Store: Should you Get It?

Borderlands 3: Should you Get It?

By: Mr Constantine

If you didn't know, the Epic Games Store’s Mega Sale started on Thursday and alongside all the sales and deals, Epic is also giving away four free games during the event across weeks. This week's free game will be Borderlands 3! That's right guys, Borderlands 3 is the first free PC game of Epic Games Store’s Mega Sale, which you can claim anytime between May 19 and May 26. You will be able to claim Borderlands 3 on your Epic Games Store account for free. And after it’s been claimed, the game will remain on your Epic Games account forever, allowing you to download it whenever you want.


For those of you who don't know much about Borderlands 3, it's an action role-playing first-person shooter video game published by Gearbox Software and 2K Games. It is the fourth installment in the main Borderlands series and the sequel to 2012's Borderlands 2. Borderlands 3 was published for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Apple macOS on September 13th, 2019. Now since this game is currently free on Epic, obviously you should get it. This is probably the only time we’ll be able to get Borderlands 3 for free on Epic Games. But the main question that you guys probably have is, should I play the game?


Well, to answer the question, let's first take a look at the gameplay. As mentioned before, Borderlands 3 is a first-person loot shooter. Borderlands 3 follows the same basic formula as previous Borderlands games, involving completing challenging missions, defeating enemies, and looting from fallen foes or special chests, usually in the form of procedurally generated weapons that vary in damage, range, ammo capacity, and other special perks. Perks might include elemental effects such inflicting fire, ice, or electrical damage to opponents, as well as different firing behavior and other visual changes. Aside from that, many of those who have played Borderlands 3 say that the shooting in the game feels perfect and satisfying. There is a massive improvement in Borderlands 3 when it comes to the shooting, when compared to Borderlands 2. If you're someone who likes FPS shooter games, especially ones that are fast paced and gives you a wide variety of weapons to utilize in combat, this game is something you should definitely try out.


However, the overall gameplay isn't perfect. The quests and overall pace of the game are not very good. In the traditional Borderlands, you can work on quests while NPCs are talking or simply kill things to pass time. But Borderlands 3 strips most of that. Instead, the majority of quests make you talk to an NPC or multiple NPC's while you are forced to wait for their dialogue that could have been written a lot better. Instead of having fun by killing a number of enemy types like in previous Borderlands games, you need to listen to the NPC's dialogue, and it could sometimes feel like ages.


This brings us to the story, and to sum it up, it isn't the best. As mentioned, Borderlands 3 is the third installment in the Borderlands series, and it takes place on the planet Pandora, which has long been thought to contain Vaults containing massive quantities of gold and technology left behind by a mystery alien civilization known as the Eridians. Several corporations have besieged Pandora for decades in an attempt to locate the Vaults, but the constant conflict and violence has left the planet and its populace damaged and crazed. There are still people hunting for the Vaults on their own, known as Vault Hunters, who are the players' characters. Now the player is recruited by a resistance force to protect Pandora, and help stop the Children of the Vault, a violent cult of personality formed from the remnants of the planet's many bandit factions, to gain possession of the vaults.

Despite this interesting concept, why isn't the story considered the best? Well, 50 percent of the jokes don't land, the characters can get in the way, and the story would often feel not just lazy, but it often gets in your way with extremely long cutscenes and dialogue that would feel like an eternity.


But however, and this is a big problem. Borderlands 3 is phenomenal and you should still play it. The FPS gameplay can make up for the imperfect story. The shooting mechanics are some of the best in any first person shooter ever made since the mechanics are a lot smoother in Borderlands 3, it's improved, and it feels more responsive compared to other FPS titles. The skill trees are well-designed and fascinating. Each character's possible playstyles are considerably more diversified, and there are a lot of interesting combinations, letting you be very experimental in combat. So overall, you should definit­ely play the game. The story may not be perfect, but the gameplay and shooting mechanics can easily make up for it, some may say that it's simply unmatched.

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