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Luck Of The Draw



■ Draw management: ■ Add/Edit/Delete/Import/Export draw entries. ■ Generate a random draw according to one or more parameters. ■ Random entry draw, in registered or non registered mode. ■ Localized in french and english. My programs are free and open source. I hope you'll find them useful! Note: Download link (bottom-right): In this project you can choose a random number, an integer, a fraction, a float, a decimal and a percentage and have them selected from a list, a range or the whole sequence. For convenience, you can use a mouse or a keypad to click the buttons to select the numbers for the range. The selection of a number may be direct or can be done by category, such as: 1-4, 5-9 or from a list of items. As an added bonus, the selection of a number or items may be weighted. RandomValues is a free program that generates random values for calculations or other purposes. It is an independent program that operates on a specific platform. It allows you to define random values using either a list, an integer, a float, a decimal, or a percentage. You may use the mouse or a keyboard to choose the values for the range, the number of values, the type of values, and the base, and then click on the button to generate the values. RandomValues Description: ■ Simple to use: ■ Define and generate random values using an integer, a float, a d