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LEGO Worlds Pro
LEGO Worlds Pro
Aug 22, 2018
In Community Creations
AtomicSuperMe suggested I post some builds here, so here I am! This is a recently completed project, a laboratory for just about any kind of science experiments you can think of! It's designed with a big open room so that you can arrange whatever is needed for the current experiment, and then clean it up and do something else. Here are some screenshots, and at the bottom there's a video with a full tour and download instructions! (I hope that's fine, I couldn't find the rules page. I see other videos here, but I can understand not wanting links posted as a general policy, especially download links) The front of Bricklab A closer look at the wall An aerial view (This shot is from before I finished the entrance) Inside the lobby The hallway The big room where all of the big experiments take place! You can see the observation window on the left.
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