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The Hilarious and Epic Journey of an Accidental Hero - Dragon Quest XI Review

The Hilarious and Epic Journey of an Accidental Hero - Dragon Quest XI Review

Review by: Rosie 2.0

Hello Fellow Gamers! Today, we shall embark on a fabulous adventure through the mythical land of Erdrea, in which I regale you with my tales of whimsy, drama, and general buffoonery while playing Dragon Quest XI.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, or as I like to call it, "Oops, I Accidentally Saved the World While Punting Slimes," is an utterly delightful JRPG that has charmed me more than I'd care to admit.

Now, let's start this epic tale with the story, which is essentially a classic JRPG recipe. Take a mysterious and unassuming protagonist, add a teaspoon of destiny, sprinkle in some quirky companions, and mix vigorously with a perilous quest. Bake for 60-100 hours (depending on your gaming appetite), and you have yourself a delicious Dragon Quest XI experience.

The protagonist, whom I lovingly named "Sir Stumblesalot," begins his journey as a humble villager, unaware of his world-saving destiny. However, upon being revealed as the Luminary, Sir Stumblesalot and his merry band of misfits set off on an adventure that plays out like a delightful mix of Lord of the Rings, The Princess Bride, and Monty Python.

Our lovable cast includes Erik, a thief with a heart of gold and pockets to match; Veronica, a pint-sized prodigy with a temper shorter than her stature; and Sylvando, a flamboyant performer who regularly steals the spotlight with his penchant for dramatic flair. Together, this ragtag group traipses through picturesque towns, treacherous dungeons, and impossibly charming environments, all while exchanging witty banter and dodging the forces of evil.

Dragon Quest XI's graphics are a love letter to the franchise's past, while simultaneously being a visually impressive feast for the eyes. The vibrant colors and detailed environments create a world that feels like you've stepped inside a beautiful, hand-drawn painting. Even the monsters, which include lovable, pouty-lipped slimes and anthropomorphic cacti (with mustaches, I might add), are designed with an endearing charm that makes it hard to begrudge their pesky desire to eat your face.

Speaking of monsters, combat in Dragon Quest XI is a delightful turn-based romp. Although some may scoff at the traditional turn-based mechanics, I found it quite refreshing. The game manages to keep things interesting by offering a variety of tactics, abilities, and party combinations. Not to mention, the animations for each attack and spell are spectacular, adding an extra layer of satisfaction as you watch Sylvando pirouette gracefully into battle or Veronica hurl comically oversized fireballs at unsuspecting foes.

The world of Erdrea is not without its fair share of puzzles and side quests. In my personal favorite, Sir Stumblesalot takes on the role of a part-time detective, hunting down a nefarious baker who has been distributing cursed pastries. With the fate of the kingdom at stake, I couldn't help but chuckle as our hero, bearer of ancient power and destined savior, tracked down confectionary clues and interrogated pastry chefs.

Dragon Quest XI's soundtrack, composed by the legendary Koichi Sugiyama, ties together the entire experience like a beautiful, orchestral bow. From soaring, epic themes that capture the grandeur of your journey, to quaint village melodies that evoke the feeling of cozy, warm hearths, the music brings Erdrea to life in a way that is nothing short of magical.

Now, no review would be complete without mentioning some minor gripes, because we all know perfection is as elusive as the age referenced in the game's title. While I enjoyed the voice acting for the most part, there were a few instances where characters' accents felt more like caricatures, occasionally bordering on cringe-inducing. Moreover, as charming as the turn-based combat is, it can become repetitive during prolonged play sessions, leaving some players yearning for a more dynamic system.

Finally, let's talk about the elephant in the room - the seemingly endless array of puns sprinkled throughout the game. Some might find them tiresome, but I personally relished each and every groan-worthy play on words. I mean, who can resist a chuckle when faced with a monster called "Crème Caraslime"? It's like they turned dad jokes into an art form.

In conclusion, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is a delightfully funny and charming JRPG that feels like a warm hug from a long-lost friend. With its colorful cast of characters, visually stunning world, and enchanting soundtrack, it is a journey that you'll never forget. Sure, it has a few minor blemishes, but they're easily forgiven when you're too busy laughing at the absurdity of it all.

So, gather your swords, shields, and most importantly, your sense of humor, and embark on the grand adventure that is Dragon Quest XI. And remember, when in doubt, punt a slime! Rating: 9/10 Slimes Punted

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