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What is a VIP and how do I sign up?

VIPs have access to many special perks. With a VIP membership you will have access to a private group chat here on the website and also on our Discord server. You will have access to custom badges and emojis on YouTube, and/or Twitch and the website. You get access to a VIP only livestream where you can chat with me while I test out a new game or edit a video for YouTube. There are only a small number of people in these streams so we can have some great conversation! Finally, you will have access to my complete unreleased and unedited video archive. This will give you 400+ hours of content that has been previously streamed on Twitch but is no longer viewable anywhere. You must be a current subscriber or YouTube member to maintain your VIP access. If you cancel your subscription or membership, you will lose access after 30 days. Signup again to gain access.

If you want to sign up for a VIP membership, visit Twitch and subscribe to my channel. After you have subscribed, be sure to sign up for a free account here on the website if you have not yet done so. You can also sign up for a membership on YouTube (coming soon).

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